Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Classes . . .

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Make a $28 Donation to SFWA for a Confirmed Seat in the TN Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class

Step One . . . 
Register for the class

Click on the "Register Now" icon to review the available class dates and to click through from the schedule list to make your donation and get your confirmed seat. Each person must register separately and use their own email address.

Pay $28 Non-Refundable Donation to Receive a Confirmed Seat Today 

Step Two . . .
Review the Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the icon above and please READ the FAQs regarding the class. Most answers will be found there and it will save you and our staff unnecessary time on the phone and/or emails will be minimized.

EMAIL If You Have a Question Prior to the Handgun Carry Permit Class.

Step Three . . . 
Watch for an email 3 days before class

You will receive an email prior to the class that will provide you step-by-step procedures and the direct link to fill out your online application for the class. The "application" number will be located at the end of the paragraph numbered "1" which you will need to bring with you to class. Please keep the application in a safe place as it will follow you throughout the process.

EMAIL If You Need Help Getting Your Online Application Number.

Step Four . . .
Class Day Check List

Prior to attending the class, please review the "Check List" you will receive in the email we send to you in "Step Three" to assure you are dressed appropriately, have the supplies you will need (including lunch or snacks) and other things you do not want to arrive to the class without.

Please Call 865-329-3293 If You Need to Transfer Your Confirmed Seat to a Different Date and Time

What to expect . . .

"Since 2008, there have been more than 100,000 women and a few good men who I personally have taught these courses and no one has failed because it is the instructor's job to teach you what you will need to know to succeed, including the written test and the live-fire shooting qualification element. We care that you do well and can carry a handgun for protection should you ever need to defend yourself or a loved one, especially in places were a handgun carry permit allows you to carry a gun that those without a permit are not permitted to carry. Hope to see you in a class soon!"—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


Please do not worry if you will be able to "qualify" at the range, or spend a lot of time shooting hundreds of rounds practicing. As unbelievable as it may seem, SFWA has the ability to help students who have never even fired a handgun shoot well, the first time! We would prefer that you save your ammo, be well rested and simply attend the course and enjoy your time at the shooting range with us.

Safety on the range is essential . . . we keep
the stress level low,
and the success level
high, for our students!

Plus, students may use our firearms for FREE! Actually, we encourage you NOT to purchase a firearm for personal protection, prior to taking the class as you will be better equipped to make a more educated decision.

Don't miss out, "register" soon, classes fill up really fast!
We are the most popular place to take the Handgun Carry Class; thus, those who consider us competition
very often attempt to convince those interested in taking our courses that there are
hidden fees, excessive travel, range issues, or other misleading gimmicks.
It really is only a $28 non-refundable pre-class donation and $15 range fee on the day of the class. It's fun, informative and empowering!

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