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You won't want to miss this awesome opportunity to increase the odds you will prevail if attacked . . .

  This is the opportunity to learn to "protect" yourself inside your home and when you are away from home. Plus, you will "shoot" a lot of handguns, including your own, shoot for prizes and discover
the "Wonder Woman" in you!
Special "Thanks" to our Sponsors!

(Seminars and Live-Fire Training and Fun Competitions, too!)

The cost for someone to accompany you to the conference is only $77 and it includes
 all of the seminars, events, food and fun!

Bring a buddy, the guy in your life, or others who will benefit from this awesome opportunity

What to expect . . .

"This is a fast-paced, fun and empowering event that will bring you to the next level in personal and home protection. You will discover what works best for your unique qualities when it comes to protecting yourself or a loved one and how to best protect yourself within your home. Best of all, you will make new friends and increase your skill-set to help you increase the odds you will prevail in a personal defense situation. SFWA was the first to bring women from all parts of the country together for a conference in 2003, it was a huge success then and has continued throughout the last 18 years. You are invited to attend this year's event in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains!"—Susan Romanov, SFWA Founder


Preview Itinerary 

Starts at 5pm
Conference Sign In Begins
Welcome Reception/Announcements and Introductions
Pajama Party Event
Ends at 9:00pm
(Women Only, No Men Allowed.)

9:00am Conference Sign In Continues
Opening Ceremony
Seminars begin at 9:30am

Increasing Your Awareness Test
Get Custom Fit Gun Shopping
(Bring your guns and we put out all of our guns. If you have never got fit for a handgun that no one can take away from your strong hand, this is your chance! If you already have your carry gun, then this will help you decide what is next gun for your collection!)

SFWA's What Women Want Signature Fashion Show Luncheon
11:30am to 12:45 pm

Non-handgun Defensive Techniques
Laser Tips and Techniques
New TN Law
Personal Protection at Home
Family Firearms Safety Training
Seminars end at 5pm

Citizens Elite Real Life Simulator Event
5:15pm pm to 6:30pm

SFWA's Garden & Gun Club Murder Mystery Dinner Event and Raffle
6:45 pm to 9:00pm

Shooting Range Events Start at 10:00am
(Snacks and Drinks provided)

Devotional followed by Range Etiquette and Essentials
Shooting Skills and Diagnostics with SFWA furnished Guns and Ammunition
(You may also bring your own guns and ammo!)
All Caliber Round Up Shooting Lots of Guns
How to Shoot Better than SWAT
Shoot for Prizes
End time at 3:30pm

Plus . . .

Silent Auction, Prizes and Giveaways!

Citizens Elite Real Life Simulator Event!

Murder Mystery Dinner Event and Raffle!

Get prepared for the time we all hope to avoid, protecting ourselves when we are away from home! You will take away some of the most important things you can do to increase the odds you will prevail if attacked. Most importantly, the seminars at this conference will take you to the next level in your personal protection journey!

There is so much more to protecting yourself at home than having a gun on or near your nightstand. This conference will provide you with options that will work for you and your family members in your home. Having someone invade the privacy and tranquility of your home shakes the innermost feelings of fear into reality and challenges the security of you and your family in a way that violates the comfort you once felt in your own home. You really can greatly reduce your home from being a target. You will discover the techniques necessary to defend yourself successfully in your own home. 

SFWA's signature What Women Want Fashion Show Luncheon is a time to see various carry options on various ladies and learn more about the many winners of the prestigious SFWA Ladies Choice award presented to top products in the shooting industry since 2015!  You may participate in the fashion show if you like, too! 

SFWA's signature Garden & Gun Club Murder Mystery Dinner Event is a blast! It is a great time to unwind and enjoy some fun as you attempt to discover "who-dun-it" at the Garden & Gun Club! You can even be one of the actors in the murder mystery if you like! you never know what is going to happen!

Also, there is a Raffle and Silent Auction that takes place during this dinner event. So, bring some spare funds to get in on the auction and raffle and hopefully win a great prize, too!

This is the only ranged in the country designed specifically for women, their friends and family! This conference is made possible by Family Fun Indoor Range closing their facility to the public so that SFWA may have full access to all of the shooting lanes, classroom, simulator and more! Click here to check it out, you will love it!

Cost to Attend


Family Fun Indoor Range Members: $119

Bring a guest for only:

Women of a Different Caliber Members: $77

Women of a Different Caliber ONLINE Members:

PLUS: everything you need for the conference is included in the registration fee; including lunch and dinner!

If you have any specific questions, please email us or call 865-329-3293 Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

If you participated in each of the courses offered at the conference individually, the cost would exceed $1,000 . . . 

. . . but attendees pay only$77 to $169 for the entire event!

Ladies from across the country will be attending this Conference to experience the empowerment that comes from knowing how to defend yourself and your home from attackers! It is packed full of seminars, live-fire at the shooting range, dining events, a fashion show and SFWA's signature pajama party! (The event takes place at Family Fun Indoor Range designed especially for women and their families!)

For those ladies who want the men in their lives to share this exciting weekend and exclusive opportunity, that is fine (with the exception of the Friday evening pajama party of course!) The conference is also a great time to get away in the Great Smoky Mountains in the splendor of the fall color season!

Many ladies are planning a GAL GETAWAY packed full of education and empowerment, and tapping into the latest in techniques and tips for Personal and Home Protection! Some are making it a family affair with their daughters, too. All attendees must be 18yrs or older.

What a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime! When you register, you will be provided a ticket confirmation! Again, if you have any questions, please email us: training@mysfwa.com or call 865-329-3293 Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm.

PLEASE DO NOT DELAY . . . this is a very special event, so register early to attend the very exciting event! Space is limited.

What some of our former attendees have to say . . .

Rosie Jones

Sevierville, TN

I was new to the area when I attended SFWA's conference at BassPro in 2014. It was a wonderful experience and I even joined a few of the gals on a cruise a few months later. What an empowering experience for women and their guests. I not only learned a bunch about self protection inside and outside of my house but have built lasting relationships too!

Joella Bates

 Waverly, TN

I attended the first ever SFWA conference in Nashville, TN and then went to Phoenix, AZ to participate, the following year! Since then, I have never missed an event unless I was doing one myself somewhere else in the country and have supported Susan and her efforts in the industry ever since! Even though I am the only woman in the world to have taken the Big 5 of Africa with a bow, I have also become an SFWA Master Instructor and respect the methods and techniques taught by SFWA for civilians!

Loann Cook

Knoxville, TN

I first took a handgun carry permit class from SFWA, later took some advanced classes and even became a volunteer. My husband and I are very supportive of SFWA, One of my favorite experiences was attending and getting to participate it SFWA's Signature What Women Want Fashion Show at an SFWA conference! I have learned so much from the events I have attended and enjoyed every one of them!